The actor Marshall Napier became father of a daughter in Wellington, New Zealand, the 13. April 1979. Daughters Jessica had grown up together with brother Reuben in Wellington, before the family moved to Sydney, Australia, at the end of the 1980´s, because her father had better career opportunities there as actor.

Jessica’s followed her father’s inheritance by choosing her occupation.

At the age of 12 she had her first appearance in the series “Police Rescue”, in which her father was a member of the main cast. After the actress of a female corpse, which was discovered in a bog, could not do her job, Jessica did it after her father proposed her to do that job.

Before acting her first bigger series character as Kaye Kelso in the series Stingers 1998, you could see Jessica at Echo Point, Twisted Tales, Love Serenade, Police Rescue, Blackrock, Water Rats and Murder Call.

Jessica acted in series like Wildside, The Lost World and Head Start and she played in movies like Cut, Angst, Jet Set or Sweet Dreams.

In 2002 she acted together with her father Marshall at the movie Skin.

Father and daughter are very involved in animal protection. In 2002 they gave their winnings of the Australian version of “Who wants to be a millionaire” to the Australian Animal Rights Group.

Since 2001 Marshall and Jessica Napier acted together in the cast of the series McLeod´s Daughters.

Jessica acted as Becky Howard.

In 2003 Jessica left the series McLeod´s Daughters because of disaffection about the development of her series character.

In 2004 she acted in the movies Post and The Alice. The Alice became like McLeod´s Daughters a series and Jessica performed her movie character Jess Daily for 22 episodes in the series, too.

In 2005 she worked together with Colin Friels at the movie The Illustrated Family Doctor.

She filled a guest role in the series All Saints in 2007. In the same year the acted a character at the short film Don´t Panic, which got the Award Short Film Competition Prize at the category Best Comedy at the St. Kilda Film Festival. She acted as Kimberly at that movie.

You could see her at the series Sea Patrol in some episodes in the year 2009 as Simone Robsen.

In 2009 the shooting for Savages Crossing were completed, in which Jessica Napier acted as Kate.

She played at four episodes of the series Rescue: Special Ops the character Nicole in 2009.

In 2010 she acted at one episode of the series Cops LAC.

She will play a guest character at the new series Janet King.

Since 2009 Jessica Napier is engaged to David Adler. They married at the 28th November 2009. In 2012 their daughter Emily was born.